Guy Adam Vice-President, General Manager
Luc Vincent President
Alain Blanchette Executive Manager
Marie-Ève Cloutier Executive Manager
Anthony Petrone Executive Manager
Cynthia Grondin Recruitment Manager
Caleb Nelson Recruitment Manager
Davyna Gatoux Senior Recruiter
Eric Mercier Senior Recruiter
Sophie St-Martin Senior Recruiter
Veronique Gauthier Recruiter
Priyanka Chauhan Recruiter
Marie-Ève Leclerc Administrative Coordinator
Vanessa Tremblay Administrative Coordinator
Isabelle Cormier Accounting Manager
Linda Falardeau Operations Manager
Manon Guérin Receptionnist

Our expertise

Kerosene is a recruitment agency founded in 2006 that specializes in finding permanent, temporary and contractual accounting and finance professionals.
A team of multidisciplinary recruiters, with a thorough knowledge of the accounting, finance and HR fields.

An extensive network and high-quality candidates, based on rigorous processes and a stringent qualification system.