Marie-Ève Cloutier President & CEO
Luc Vincent Partner
Guy Adam Partner
Anthony Petrone Executive Manager
Caleb Nelson Recruitment Manager
Cynthia Grondin Recruitment Manager
Eric Mercier Recruitment Manager
Davyna Gatoux Recruitment Manager
Veronique Gauthier Recruitment Manager
Julie Campeau Recruitment Manager
Priyanka Chauhan Recruiter
Melissa Greene Recruiter
Mylène Drolet Recruiter
Diego Figueroa Recruiter
Samira-Love Thomas Recruiter
Daniela Perez Recruiter
Vanessa Tremblay Administrative Coordinator
Marie-Ève Leclerc Administrative Coordinator
Isabelle Cormier Accounting Manager
Linda Falardeau Operations Manager
Manon Guérin Receptionnist

Our expertise

Kerosene is a recruitment agency founded in 2006 that specializes in finding permanent, temporary and contractual accounting and finance professionals.
A team of multidisciplinary recruiters, with a thorough knowledge of the accounting, finance and HR fields.

An extensive network and high-quality candidates, based on rigorous processes and a stringent qualification system.